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Zone Royale io Zoneroyale io game in Battle Royale style combines many components from other games in this category. The rules are the same, but the feature of is the ease of control. Fight in the arena with real players. Get first aid kits, ammunition and new weapons. Try to get rid of the enemy's bombardment. At the site of the struggle, the dangerous red zone, which is a catastrophic disaster for all, is compressed. Avoid staying too long in it. Due to the reduced movement speed of the characters, the game will be a good start for beginners in this online shooter category or for those who cannot deal with their more complex colleagues. Instead of using the buttons, the character will even move behind the cursor. Therefore, the control buttons will not be required. A plus for beginners will be the automatic removal of all items, including the use of first aid kits. It is enough to go to the first-aid kit for your health to be repaired.