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12 vote, 3.8 / 5
Zombs Royale io In this action ZombsRoyale.io game you have war everywhere. When you're looking for weapons, be prepared for an action-packed hell as you grab materials from the downloaded cargo and escape from enemy shells. Your only goal is to win the game as the last player. An absolutely wonderful choice to play with a large play area where you can choose your own landing zone. To jump from the plane with the parachute, simply press the Space key. The ZombsRoyale io game is fun and fast tempo, making it an interesting game. The player has the chance to parachute where he wants. You have to get stronger by getting a lot of materials and weapons that are spread all over the place. You can view the map by zooming in and out. There are large houses and bushes where you can hide yourself. It is different in terms of features and availability of each weapon.