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HOLE io The Hole.io game allows players to try to push the black hole that needs to absorb everything. The more products in the hole, the more it increases and as a result has a positive effect on your results. The fascinating confrontation of a small black hole against the real world, where the first wants to be more and more. Before you start Holeio, you will be asked to select a nickname to identify you better in a large number of players. You can also select the color of your player, and this is what you want. It all starts when you're standing anywhere in a small town and you'll have to think about where to start your game. You're going to have to eat small men, because you can't build cars and small buildings. So, as you grow, you will eat objects that correspond to the size. Initially, the diameter of the ward is very small, so direct it to smaller objects. Then you can go to the whole building and then into the city. It delays and delays all sorts of creatures, so don't worry about getting distressed from people and animals. Thanks to Hole io multiplayer mode, you can see which place you occupy on the leaderboard.